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Treat is an Organic Dog Biscuit Company, created with the desire to continue to feed my dogs treats without increasing his weight, since he put on a few extra pounds, like the rest of us, during our quarantine time. I took this opportunity to put my culinary degree to use in a different way.


With the idea to become more healthy in mind, I saw what preservatives and non-organic ingredients can do to our children; can you imagine what they are doing to our beloved family pets?


I researched and developed my own recipes using healthy human grade organic ingredients. 'Treat' biscuits are very beneficial for our pet's health because of the use organic ingredients and no preservatives.


From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each biscuit made. We hope your 4 legged family enjoys our 'treat' as much as we enjoy bringing it to them.

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